Change is in the air

The award-winning Ingenious Air (Small Duct) System is an innovative indoor air distribution system that provides cooling, heating and air purification. The system creates thermally-comfortable, healthy, and protective indoor environments. Infection-causing pathogens, allergens, indoor air pollution, odours and even air conditioning draughts are all significantly reduced.

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Cooling is even, comfortable and draught-free. Temperatures are unfluctuating with no uncomfortable draughts or cold spots.


When heating, induction has a natural, energy efficient de-stratification effect. This means that temperatures are consistent with no hot spots.


Probiotics are added to the air stream to add balance by replenishing the ‘good’ bacteria. These high quality, natural and eco-friendly microorganisms help reduce the risk of certain infectious diseases as well as improve health conditions.


High specification air purification turns the ductwork into an active delivery system for clean and safe air. This dramatically reduces all types of serious airborne pollutants before they are breathed in.